Withdrawing PNG rewards from multiple pools in 1 transaction

Sorry for blowing this chat up lately…I really just want to make this PNG app as best as possible. so…

I’m in 2 different liquidity pools. I noticed I can’t withdrawal all my PNG reward tokens all at once from both pools. Meaning I have to go into each pool section and “Claim” them. Unfortunately this costs money!! It costs +/- $2 to claim PNG rewards currently due to AVAX’s price jump. Is there a way to claim all PNG tokens from all pools at once so I only spend $2 instead of spending $4 bucks pulling from both pools??

If there is no feature like this can we implement one? Seems easy to do.


Anyone have any ideas on this topic? We are all going to be struggling if we have to keep pulling out mined PNG at $4 a pop per pool… These transactions fees will only start to increase as Avalanche is becoming more adopted.

New process to claim all PNG in all pool in same time is really good idea for user confort.
Now, i don’t know if is possible to apply with only one fees.

About fees, dynamic fees arrive soon in avalanche and it reduce cost

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