Withdrawing after farm

hi all,
i’m new to farming, but i have already successfuly add some liquidty to the AVAX/WETH pool.
but, at the farm manage page, i can’t see any detail about the farmed amount.
at this page, it shows my liquidty deposits as PGL.
is it possible to see my deposited currency and amount anywhere?
and i can withdraw anytime exactly same amount which i add to the pool right?

last, is the insurance really necessary? how often does a loss/fraud accour?

thank you

Hey @alsanf,

Rewards are paid in PNG, you should see “Your unclaimed PNG” text and the amount below that.
To claim your rewards simply click the “Claim” link on that page.

thank you @Ludwig
but my questing is not about claiming.
i want to know, when I want to withdraw my deposited asset ( eg avax and png ), can I get exactly same amount ?

No. You will not get exactly the same amount. Think of a perfectly balanced scale. When you enter your liquidity position, it is resting and both positions are side by side in the air. We will call them spoon 1 and spoon 2. Let’s say for this example, AVAX and WETH.E are the assets in the pair.

So all of a sudden more people are buying AVAX. They take Avax from spoon 1 making it lighter. Simultaneously, WETH.E is added to spoon 2 making it heavier. Like a scale or seesaw, each side will go up and down.

For each transaction, you get a share of the swap fees depending on the size of your contribution to the pool. If you are in a farm, you will be receiving PNG this whole time.

Please read about Impermanent Loss or watch some videos. It is important to know if you are an LP provider. Feel free to come to the telegram channel and ask questions.

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thank you @Eitsky, it is more clear now. and i’ll study impermanent loss.
and, i think there is no insurance which covers impermanent loss, right?

There is insurance but I’m uncertain if there is any to protect against IL. Though if you think about it, the yields you are getting from farming is kind of acting in that regard.

Otherwise, I would suggest asking in the telegram group. Alternatively, this is an insurance solution not specifically directed at IL: https://www.insurace.io/.

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