Why the reward per AVAX is different in every pool

Shouldn’t be the reward of every pool proportional to the liquidity provided, i.e. the reward per AVAX be the same in every pool?
How is that calculated? Because I see big differences from 0.16 PNG per avax per week to 0.4.

I’ve noticed that pools with high PNG rewards often recently lost a lot of liquidity, and pools with low PNG rewards had liquidity added recently. My guess is that there is some averaging going on that makes the numbers on the dashboard not correct.

They are all the same, but they only adjust to be the same once per day, for the rest of the day, any change in the avax balance on the pool will yield a different amount of PNG, that is why I worked on introducing that current reward field there, this concept got some people to make mistakes in the past, now we at least have a way of making more conscious decisions