Why is my Pangolin Exchange app transaction always pending?

When initiating a swap transaction everything looks normal except that it goes pending in the Pangolin app and in the Metamask wallet. It stays pending until cancelled and the transaction hash never appears in the explorer. What is causing this?

Hi, Have you change the limit of fee gas when you must confirm? Iwhen you sign, have you enought avax in your account? What’s the report of your transaction?

Hi, I’m facing the same issue. The swap transaction (AVAX to PNG) is pending since yesterday. Is there a way to cancel the transaction? I guess reason for this issue is that I haven’t added the PNG token in the Metamask wallet before.

Yes the gas and avax for the account is ok. I was able to use another account successfully. The only difference between accounts is that the problem account was originally from Ethereum… could be a metamask issue

If there is another transaction pending on that same address? Could even be on ethereum.