Why did Buy AVAX via Wyre stop to work?

Hi Pangolin Team,
or any one with knowledge.
A couple of weeks ago I was able to Buy AVAX using the app.pangolin,exchange Buy option in a MAC desktop Brave browser (not SmartPhone).
It was not hassle free but purchase with CreditCard was completed successful and sent to my MM wallet.
Some days ago I wanted to buy more in the AVAX dip.
Now something have changed, it’s impossible. Several attempts - only get ERROR → Something went wrong - even before the CreditCard bank verification start.
Wyre web based support give no reply, 3 email sent.

  • In the error popup there are a link with a note about - not use landline or voip - only mobile phone
    I use the desktop website before and purchase and transaction to my wallet was OK.
  • I fully agree with earlier topics, This buy Avax direct to your wallet function are awesome if it works and should then be promoted much more.
    any Solution or Any other similar way to but smaller amount of Avax direct to MM wallet without the need to send ID info etc. It’s about personal security and privacy.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Will let the team know.

Thankyou, very good
Wyre did respond by email but it took 2 days.
They say they are not able to identify the reason of the error.
and same for my CreditCard no info visble , also everything with my CreditCard seem to be ok(it was used successfully some days ago for the same transaction)
Wyre recommend me to wait 2 days, and try again.
It will be tomorrow, to be sure 48 hours have passed from my last attempt.

I will also try to use a mobile phone connection.

Because the error message recommend to try again
AND in the list of possible reasons there are a note ( don’t use a landline/VOIP ) THIS need to be explained in more details.
another note: try to use a another device, Phone,pad,PC

  • Phone and Pad use 3G-4G
  • but to use a PC contradicts the former advice !
    After my new purchase trials tomorrow, if needed I will ask them to clarify

And I will make a update on my gov, Forum General Feedback post

I reported the same on Discord some time ago, but still get errors. I use a different Fiat onramp now, since I don’t trust the reliability on Pang through Wyre. The services I use are through a centralized exchange (Binance direct to Axax chain, then transfer to Metamask wallet address), or I use Transak.

However, I would see it as a priority of Pang to understand the impact of Wyre not working for customers. Does anyone know if this is preventing a significant number of customers unable to direct buy on platform? If so then I see this a major problem, since confidence is impacted, as well as customer going off platform, disengaging, and being attracted to other platforms that are more reliable. Needs prioritizing and fixing.

Thanx Dan.
Good comments and info.
I will dig deeper in to your suggestions.
And let see if there will be any more info/suggestions here, or improvements.
I will be back with updates.
Have a good continued new 2022 to all.

Expect to see some improvements to the FIAT onramp in Q1.