Where are the DEVs at

Where have all the DEVs gone. We seem somewhat lost, projects lacking direction. Governance anytime soon … myth. Competition is closing in and smells blood. Ships sinking due to old moby dick swallowing up the rewards like plankton. Then spitting them out because his palate prefers AVAX. No one wants to acknowledge it! Except people in PNG pairings and more so AVAX/PNG. If it continues the Kraken will take us all out! Then you say leave the avax/png at a huge loss. Easy to say when its not your liquidity


i just left AVAX/PNG at huge loss, i may consider cutting my losses if i were you

This is a community built platform. We are “the devs”. We all need to build it and that takes time. Most other community DEXs took months of work to build and improve. Pangolin is barely a month old. In my view, it’s too early to start making calls on how successful it can be.


We can’t manage the DEX without governance, so it’s not really ours yet.