When lower AVAX fees

I think the best way to bootstap an AMM is to provide something more to users.
Some of the wanted features are:
-Higher rewards for liquidity providers (but in a sustainable way)
-Lower swap fees
-Transaction speed
-Low transaction cost in gas
-Overall good experience (nice UI, graphs, reactive website, tutorials, documentation, wallet)

I think Pangolin could offer a very low transaction speed and low transaction fees which could attract lots of users, but right now due to the avax cost to interact in the c-chain the transaction cost is high. I mean, not high if we consider ETH, but 3$ to provide liquidity in a pair is too much, especially for small investors and for compounding.
When do you think the AVAX fees will be lowered? After all the network is now running at 1/10000 of the possible transaction volume.