What is the deal with some ratios on this exchange?

I exchanged a lot of AVAX for LINK the other night, only to realize the ratio exchanged did not reflect the actual value disparity between them. Shame on me I suppose for not doing the math. But I still want to know why…

A few minutes ago I just looked at how many DAI I could exchange for 20 PNG. And despite the $4.38 valuation, the swap showed I would net something close to $60.00. How is this the case? Is it a supply/demand driven haircut, or is there something about the rates being charged by the pools themselves?

I see no reason to continue using Pangolin if I am only getting 65% of USD value of my token…

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The ecosystem is migration to “.e” tokens due to the new Avalanche Bridge. The old tokens have gone off their price pegs since they can no longer be bridged or arbitraged. Please use the tokens from the AVAX Bridge Tokens list

More info about the bridge and new tokens