What are the utilities of PNG? And which utilities can PNG have?

I cant see any utility of PNG. It is only a governance and incentive token. There is no another utility. So why its price must go up? I cant see any reason. But if dev team adds some utility for PNG holders for long term its price can go up and pangolin can be a strong defi dapp. Under this topic we can discuss any other utilities.

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I have a proposal for getting stronger the $PNG. I think the only needed thing is loyalty token. It may be vePNG like vePTP and vePTP worked very well. If you stake PNG and you hold it staked, your loyalty token will increase until some certain amount or until you unstake. If you unstake your PNG token, your loyalty toen will go to ā€œ0ā€. When your loyalty token increase it will become a multiplier for rewards. For example if you stake PNG for one mounth you will get maximum amount of vePNG and after one month you will get more reward than other non staked users and you wont want to unstake because if you unstake your loyalty will be ā€œ0ā€. I think this is only some math and some coding. I know solidity intermediate level and Iā€™m en engineer I mean I know some math too.

how about creating a new loyalty token and airdrop with locking mechanism for holders?

Can you explain more

From the current performance of PNG, the price is not far from $0

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