What are the 3 icons in Pool SuperFarm UST AVAX?

I know the first is PNG, the 3rd is AVAX, but the middle one is ?
BTW Why dont you put the names in a popup window?

The third would be LUNA. It was all laid out in the medium articles and announcements on Telegram and Twitter.

It sure would be good to have a hover over on them though. It’s ok to state it was laid out in the medium article but most people coming to the site and looking at the pools will not have read that and might not be part of TG and Twitter.
Hover over would make it so much clearer.
This is a barrier to entry for some because if they can’t work out what the rewards are paid in they won’t deposit

Fair enough, I hear you. Would you be willing to submit this feedback on the website? It is in Beta so the team is slowly improving it. It might even be in the works already.

If you submit the feedback form, it goes directly to the devs and will get addressed sooner than me bringing it up.

Can access this directly here:

Or via the news widget in the new UI.