Welcome to Pangolin Governance Forum

Hey everyone! Excited to have you here. Check out our new shiny forum! A few recent announcements:

  • I added a new Avalanche DeFi token list to the site
  • Community development has begun! I approved two community pull requests, including one to add a new reward calculation field to the PNG mining page.
  • The airdrop will NOT end on March 9th. We’re extending the airdrop to make sure those wanting to claim tokens with their Ledger’s have ample time to do so. Full Avalanche Ledger support is coming very soon.
  • Funds remaining after the Airdrop will be used to create the Community Treasury. Those funds will be spendable by the community through governance.
  • The Metamask “reset account” issue has been fixed! The fix hasn’t been pushed out to release yet, but it’s coming very soon!

We hope to have a few more quality of life improvements coming soon. Thanks for making our first month super special!


The whole point of governance is for the community to have a voice. Not the team to make a decision without the community. (quote from Mr unknown in telegram)

There is no dislike button. But you can like my post if you don’t agree with the fact that those decisions were NOT TAKEN by the community. There is not even explanation, metrics, or transparent discussions to explain why they were taken

edit: well you can’t even like my post :man_shrugging:


Which decisions are you upset with?

As far as the airdrop, I’ve never said it would end on March 9th. On Telegram, I’ve specifically said it would run for about a month, but it wouldn’t end until Ledger users had a fair chance to claim their airdrop. Unclaimed funds were always planned to go to the community treasury. That has been the plan since long before launch.

I’m looking into ways of doing off-chain PNG-weighted polling so hopefully we can get some weighted feedback soon.


I much prefer the idea of airdropping to frequent users over uniswap/sushi/1inch than to just extend the current airdop. I think the other suggestion makes more sense to attract the sort of users we need rather than possible speculators on defi in general and also it could provide a new markerting push, which just extending the current drop won’t. Can we go that route instead?


I think most people disagree with extending the airdrop claiming period. One of the more convincing (to me) arguments is, why extend for ledger users and not users of other hardware wallets that will/might be supported in the future?


Because ledger support is very close. It was supposed to be available for launch but we had a few bugs to work through. We’ve also promised those users support specifically. As an aside, I think the Trezor folks found a workaround for themselves.

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waiting ledger support is not a bad idea. postponing 5 days before the last date is annoying but I think still there is a need an official airdrop expiration date declaration. for weeks people were talking about 9th March.

Hey Connor,
I would like to appreciate all pangolin team for kind of successful launch, I’m ico backer of Avalanche and I was aware of the launch of the Pangolin and joined Dex for trial in first day.
Regarding airdrop allocation,
-What was the initial idea of the airdrop allocation for %5 and not %100 Liquidity mining?
Is it for to attract other platforms Defi users to let them know and try Pango, and brief showcase with free money (airdrop PNG in this case) that Avalanche has quite good to initiate dex which is faster, decentralized and secure?
I am using Pango almost a month and if this tech is not attracting Defi users, free money (airdrops) won’t, this is my humble opinion regarding for further airdrop allocations and even giving away free money for better tech.
Again thanks for your efforts for this unique %100 community driven dex, You’re doing a great job.


Thanks for the work Conner.
One point from me:
I have been following Avalanche and Pangolin since before Launch.
I have spent many hours answering questions on Telegram since before launch.
We were always told: “all non-custodial wallets with UNI or SUSHI on the airdrop date would be able to claim the PNG airdrop”.
I understand you were not able to intergrate all non-custodial wallets, I know it is not easy, but I was disapointed I could not claim with my wallet, which I claimed the UNI airdrop with. I raised this issue and was told it was unlikely to be fixed before the airdrop finished.
I therefore had to purchase and/or farm my PNG, having been told the airdrop finished on 9th of March over and over.
So in my opinion the decision to extend the airdrop for Ledger wallets and not all non-custodial wallets is not soving the problem, it’s just compounding the problem.
It makes it extra unfair for people in my shoes, and that’s why I think there is a lot of people who disagree with this decision, especially as we’ve been talking about this date for a month.


Well done @dasconnor.Congrats about the launch to you and to brother Emin and to all team.I follow the project since the 1st of Feb and use Pango since the opening.I did some transactions and couldnt believe the speed.I wonder why the users are not just running to Pango cos of its speed.Should you maybe make more advert about it?Specially on Social Media? I follow the forum on tr.investing site about avaxusdt but there are so many people there who dont know a thing about farming and using the pango.So sad.And a question,please,on march 9 ,do you think Avax price will go down or up cos of the unlocked coins bought last year?

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Good day Sir!
I am not an old avax follower , nevertheless i bought png for my own money at 6$ and hold it for long time! Want to share my opinion and hope that youll take it into consideration! Will divide my thoughts to points for being more appropriate.

1 - We have 2,076,770 tokens in circulation this point and i don’t understand HOW YOU CAN consider fair! and justified to aim airdrop near 20 mln tokens to those who even hadn’t spent their own money for buying png… so theoretically if people claim their airdrops , the circulation would be 22mln tokens … so the price of png would decrease 10 times!!! NOW PLEASE PUT YOURSELF TO MY PLACE AND TO ALL OTHER PEOPLES PLACE WHO PAID 5-6$ for single png. … and after airdrop they see their single png becoming 0.5-0.6$ ? IS THAT FAIR APPROACH ??? WHAT DOES MEAN TO AIRDROP 10 times more tokens then current circulating supply!!! YOU COULD MAKE MAXIMUM 10% airdrop of tokens!!! not 1000%!!! of circulation supply! so 200.000tokens maximum not 20mln!!! This is just disgusting approach and behavior to those who spend their salary and earned money to participate in project! Believe me! they do not wish to see everyone getting airdrops and selling it immediately by dropping the price instantly ! like we see it now! and would continue seeing if you don’t initiate any action! preventing it!

2 - I want to tell you that i was a holder of 1inch token , whos developers made several airdrops to uniswap users … and you know what happened ? you think it attracted anyone to use 1inch? NO! look at the price of 1inch lol, it dumped hard after that FCKN aridrop , all the community was frustrated and disappointed in project! Because everyone who got free money ran to sell that , and the most funny shit was that, they entered to telegram group of 1inch, and i had read several messages in this veriety , like - lol thanks to fucken 1inch to airdropping me this shitty coin which i sold in a second and bought xxx(some other name) coin - NOW I WANNA ASK YOU, CAN YOU PUT YOURSELF TO A PLACE OF PERSON WHO SPENT HIS OWN MONEY TO BUY 1INCH AND HOLD IT IN PUMPS AND DUMPS … how would he feel in your opinion? But the funnies think is that 1inch token dumped because of only 10-15% airdrop! that airdrop was 10-15% of their circulating token supply!!! and that dumped the price , and brought ,occured frustration of the community! DONT BE LIKE DEVS OF FCKN 1inch pLEASE!

THat being said my suggestions are the following `

A - Cancel that whole airdrop activity right this moment! No need to wait till March 9 or longer for more dump and more frustration!

B - Burn 95% of tokens not airdropped yet immediately so if there are for an instance - 18 or 19mln … keep 0.9 or 0.95mln tokens (though that is already too much… maybe it is better to burn 98%) , for your reserve hence MARKETING!!! PURPOSES (attract youtubers twitter guys etc etc) AND DEVELOPMENT (DAMN USE THAT FCKN MONEY TO PAY PROGRAMMERS TO MAKE ALL YOUR GOALS CONNECTED TO DEVELOPMENT OF THE PROJECT 10 times FASTER with 10 times more hands coding)! THAT WOULD SPREAD THE NEWS OF THE PROJECT MUCHHHH more INTENSE way!!!

C - Respect those who buy and hold the token not get fckn airdrop and sell initiating dump and frustration of community! Go to your telegram read what people write. Are they happy or excited with the airdrop …NO!



I think these airdrops don’t really accomplish anything at all. We want farmers to use the platform, liquidity is everything in defi. If anything, these airdrops are lowering the price which in return lowers the return on liq farming which hurts PNG as a whole. Let the airdrop end and move on.


As a hodler in this project giving away 14times more tokens than current Circulating supply in airdrops will shake my trust for this project…Why would I pay for others party? Please reply if you have any answer? ( for dev)…


totally agree!!!

Hey Connor,

I’m working on a snapshot https://snapshot.page/ alternative for Avalanche.

I’ve started putting my ideas into a Github repo GitHub - kudoo-cloud/kropotkin: A governance framework

Let me know if you need any help?


Since people in the Telegram are veeery angry about the whole March 9th deadline, I propose the following solution that should satisfy everyone’s needs:

  1. Keep the regular airdrop deadline until March 9th. People won’t be able to claim tokens via the regular mechanism anymore.
  2. In order to accommodate people who were interested in claiming the airdrop but were unable to due to Ledger issues, a new webpage should be enabled for extended claims. Pasting your public address/connecting to Metamask (network matters not since this should all work locally) will allow you to emit a certificate with a timestamp declaring that your airdrop-eligible address was present at that time and that you intend to claim your airdrop when the Ledger issue is fixed. MEW (Sign and verify a wallet address with MyEtherWallet | by Eugen Lechner | Medium) could be used for this feature. More details below.
  3. This grace period should open between the dates of “when it is developed and deployed” (relatively simple page, could be done in a day) and between one and two weeks after that. I’d rather err on the side of one week just in case, to make sure people who really want to enter the Pangolin ecosystem hurry up. The server will stop signing certificates after the end of that period. This means we will know exactly how many PNG have been “reserved” and how many are to be moved to treasury.
  4. This certificate will then be safely stored by the user until the Ledger integration is fixed. Users will be able to claim their PNG after that’s the case by posting their certificate. If they don’t claim their reserved tokens after a certain period, they get re-added to the treasury.

To expand on point number 2, the “handshake” could work as:

  1. Server signs a message including the result of withdrawAmount at Airdrop (0x0C58C2041da4CfCcF5818Bbe3b66DBC23B3902d9) - Avalanche Explorer for the user’s address and a timestamp.
  2. User signs the message to demonstrate the address belongs to them.
  3. User sends the signed message back to the server. The server registers these PNG as “reserved” in a database or smart contract and returns the user a server-signed version of the user’s message.
  4. User copies that message and awaits for further instructions.

Step 1 is kind of a bogus operation that could be initiated by the client, since all that matters is a timestamp that could be injected in step 3, but I’d rather have an elegant bogus operation than a lack of protocol.

After that, early investors will know exactly how many of those 20 million PNG are 100% guaranteed to be unclaimed.


since the metrics for the airdrop where not the best i think that the desition of extending the airdrop claim is not the best, at least is not what the community wants by many reasons.
1.- Many people with ledger have claimed the airdrop succesfully so this isnt a really convincing argument to extend the airdrop.
2.- Many of the early suporters and buyers of png are very affected by adding another 28MM png free money so they can dump, also the metrics for the airdrop with no max cap makes little to no sense creating huge dump from whales that held uni/sushi and take down the price.
3.- Less png price means less liquidity incentives and ultimatley is a bad strategy for the main goal of the dex wich is increase tvl and volume.
4.- There has been almost 2 months now, time enough for people to claim, if ledger is the real cause for extending the airdrop (wich is strange because many leger users have been able to claim) there can be other fixes to those users.
Please reconsider this desition or at least give less time for the airdrop to be claimed, clarity and dates regarding this question would be much apreciate it.


Will Pangolin release single PNG staking pool like CAKE in BSC chain?

The Pangolin Litepaper explicitly says the Airdrop would end one month after Pangolin’s launch.

Over the last month I have bought a significant amount of PNG, deposited PNG into liquidity pools, traded using PNG, paid PNG as fees, received PNG as liquidity rewards, and contributed both financially and with my time to the community.

I’ve helped UNI and SUSHI holders who made the effort to claim the Airdrop before the deadline claim their PNG and welcomed them to the community.

However, I’m not going to accept that my stake gets significantly devalued because of this last minute proposal.


This is the key. We can’t have moving goalposts without a community / governance discussion at least. The rules for the airdrop were laid out fair and square. Many have gone through and gotten the airdrop with their ledger through the workaround. Why is Pangolin all the sudden changing this? More time on the airdrop means more dilution for those who hold, farm, and bought/buy pangolin. It also means we can’t come to a solid consensus on the tokenomics.

Finally, what is the benefit of the extension? So far, I’ve seen screenshots posted of large claims of PNG that were dumped. The airdrop should have been capped per wallet, but that’s not something that can be changed now. But we can prevent further dumps. Let’s incentive those who want to provide liquidity and buy into the project. Not extend the airdrop at the last minute.