Use the Treasury Fund to build cool stuff on Pangolin and Avalanche

I will write down some ideas here just to get started. I will not propose all my ideas because I have too many of them and we need to figure out how to use the Treasury funds in a logical way.

The fact that we will end up with more than 100 million $ in the treasury without an Ico is pretty huge and exciting. I already wrote this on the TG group, but at some point we can end up with 1 billion dollars and at that point Pangolin will generate a lot of buzz and everyone will want to have a piece of the pie.

1° Activate the 0.05% to buy PNG at the market rate and burn 0.02% of the tokens (even if I don’t really agree with this), this way the community side that likes the idea of burning the PNGs will be happy, use at least 0.005% to donate to help and save Pangolins, I really like SEQ idea, this can be a good marketing move.

2° I noticed that a small percent of people don’t really want to provide liquidity, they are buying the tokens waiting for a good opportunity, how about creating a “Stake section” where these investors can lock their PNG for 1 month/year and earn PNGs. We can use the remaining 0.025% from the trading fees to buy PNG. 0.02% to Burn and 0.025% for Staking, everybody will be happy.

3° Create a “one click” index LP pool for Avax (AVAX/Index) and one for PNG (PNG/Index), basically if a user wants to provide liquidity but he doesn’t know what pool to choose and he is afraid about the IL, this “Index Pool” adds liquidity across all the eligible PNG farming LPs in an equal amount.

I don’t know if it’s hard to implement this, considering that if you add Avax the smart contract needs to trigger 10 sell orders and add liquidity across 10 Avax eligible pools, there will be a lot of tx and it will obviously cost more for this kind of operation.

4° We need to incentivize more pools, this way Pangolin will attract more liquidity. I think that it’s a good idea to start with some projects that have a huge community.

5° To increase the value of PNG over time we need to be able to use our PNG tokens as collateral for various purposes without selling them, I propose to pay the Devs to clone Maker and create a Pangolin platform that allows the users to issue a Stable coin like $DAI, let’s call it $USDp.

At the beginning we can start and issue some stable $USDp using Png and also synthetic Avax, this way we will end up with a stable and very liquid coin. Nobody will sell their Avax or Png, they will stake Avax to earn the 11% apy, but at the same time they could use some of those funds to issue Stable coins and provide liquidity on pangolin, earnings fees and farming PNG.

The next move will be to activate Pangolin LPs as collateral type, but this can come later.

6° Create an NFT market place like Rarible where we can use Avax and Png to pay for the auctions or to buy the NFTs.

Ok, I’ll stop now, that’s enough :joy: It will obviously take a lot of time and effort.


Some great ideas Xavier, people should definatly take the time to read and build on your ideas.

I like the Index idea.
I like the Maker/Dai idea.
I like the NFT idea.
I think adding a Compound like clone to Pangolin would be great too.

For me point 4 is the most important, incentivising more pools, to create more liquidity for more pairs.
The reason this is most important is that first we must be a very functional exchange, with real world use. I also think incentivising PNG pairs would actually create more demand for PNG in a feedback loop, increasing supply and demand in harmony, increasing distribution and utility.


Yes, a Compound like dapp would be great, also Synthetics that track the price of real world assets, but it’s better to slow down :joy: The point is that we have a huge potential to create a great community and the best DeFi dapp in crypto if we properly use the treasury funds.

More good ideas :grinning:
But yes, this is why I emphasise your point 4, because it’s something we could do first, and increase liquidy and usage, before we get to everything else.
But if we could allocate funds for developers and reward schemes for new Pangolin features now; it would allow Developers to see what is avaliable to reward their work before they invest their time in it.
It would be nice to have rewards for Developers for achieving certain objectives.
Reward proportial to the value they provide, and to help manage the budget.

Here’s an off the wall idea I didn’t see in Defi, thinking about communities with payment channels: Creating a smart contract pool to fund a Lightning channel on Lightning Network, and bring SATs to defi :thinking: I guess we need a new subnet for this though :see_no_evil:

I hope more people get involved with this thread, after all the time @Xavier has invested in the community :point_up_2:

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all good ideas Xavier.

there will be a lot of tx and it will obviously cost more for this kind of operation.
the Avalanche Apricot upgrade will make fees even cheaper.

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@Xavier didn’t you also one talk about an Arbritrage bot? We could potentially have a built in arbritrage pool, where we could deposits pairs for arbritrage, which may act like a bit of insurance against IL, when cross-chain volume is low…

Might have been me Solving Impermanent Loss on Pangolin | by hariseldon | Mar, 2021 | Medium


I didn’t see this before. Great article @hariseldon2 :grinning: :point_up_2:

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I like those proposals.

No.1: we have to do that, for the pangolins! and for marketing.
No. 2+3: great idea, will add more liquidity for sure
No. 4: f.e. a band liqudity pool, they can be our oracle too.
No. 5: not sure about this, there are already to much unknown stablecoins. if we have one that can be used in real life (like usdx f.e.) it would add more value i think.