Use community treasury funds to get binance listing

No dont think thats a good idea. Pangolin is a DEX so its fine if PNG doesnt trade elsewhere. This is just a price pump move, and we are better off doing it later

Dont agree with you - looks to others success DEX - Pancake, Uniswap, Sushiswap, Beefi all are on big CEX. And they have reason. If you dont understand, need more research. sorry bro - this is about adoption, easy access. NOt pump dump. P&D group can do this on DEX to, no need CEX.

I ask Avalanche to cooperate with Binance and others to create some easy access to C chain - many people want create wallet on website avalanche. They wish transfer token AVAX from Binance to c chain avalanche directly to metamask. Avalanche is working on it. Because if you have not easy access, others have it. And competition is big here.


I really like this idea, much more people would be aware of pangolin
This would increase the community, with that much more experts would come to Pangulin and would improve it!

Global CEX Liquidity List

Here are the list of CEX’s of top 30, use for future applications.

If not binance, some of them should list the PNG because it needs to be spread around people to increase its value. PNG is not even on tradingview. There are a lot of work to be done before listed on binance in my opinion.

hangi airdroptan bahsediyoruz ?

UP :rocket:

Visibily of PNG is the key, the next vote must be PNG in Binance and other big CEX.

Time is precious, and we are slow.