Use community treasury funds to get binance listing

CZ will list PNG on Binance for a price. It seems the community treasury has enough for that. It would benefit the entire community to get listed on some CEXes. Thoughts?


I am curious on how much this usually costs? Does anyone know?

This is actually a great idea and may benefit us all. Coinbase, Bitmex listing etc. can also work for us. Any exposure to potential new users is a great advantage.

There are enough funds to finance this and it will help people learn about Pangolin. Many of basic users have no idea what’s going on here. It will positively affect the price of PNG and some PNG holders may move their PNGs to Pangolin. Also, since PNG rewards will increase in price, it may become more tempting to stake funds here.

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My own hot take is that getting listed is something that you want eventually, but I’m not sure how valuable it is to get listed before spending more funds on feature development. The best thing that we can do for the price of PNG is actually to not focus on it and instead focus on continuing to improve the product. I think the upshot of this would be a price bump for some short period of time, but then things would go back to normal once people realize there’s been no technical change from pre- and post-listing.


Listing is a good idea AFTER there is a real utility to the token itself AND there is a decent supply in circulation. Almost all CEX entities look at supply, and I’m not a huge fan of paying CEX to get listed, shouldn’t they want to do this on their own to collect the fees they collect ?

Also, isn’t this a bit of an ironical ask given the whole point of Pangolin is to eliminate the centralized choke points such as the CEXs ? :slight_smile:

Let’s get great developers, let’s drive the product to a market lead with the community funding, and then let’s worry about getting the token listed for more liquidity.

Again, I said it on other threads, we as a community need to get out of the collective “money-grab” mentality, and focus on building value for the future.

Remember, it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.


Yes, it is ironic but one upside is that you can tap and then drain liquidity from the CEX. As PNG becomes more liquid, it becomes more valuable as it increases the volume that can be transferred across the platform without losing on the spread.

We should always, always, always aim for liquidity. That should always be the point of airdrops and analysis should be done to ensure PNG distributions get best “bang-for-buck” (ahem). Too often, airdrops are sugar hits that only transfer capital but don’t hold it long enough to sustain liquidity in the market.


I’m not sure I agree with the need for additional liquidity for PNG through a CEX particularly at this stage. You are right of course, liquidity is important, for assets that need to be traded, however, I’m not convinced PNG is one of those just yet. Why don’t we focus on governance mechanism first, get it off the ground, vote on a few proposals ON chain and then open it up for non-liquidity provider participants through places like Binance later ?

If anything, Binance listing in my mind creates a channel for a malicious actor to acquire PNGs and potentially vote for things that aren’t in the best interest of the platform. Especially when the product of the circulating supply times the value of the token is low.

Also, do we really want to give the community funds associated with a decentralized AMM which is an alternative to a CEX back to a CEX for listing it’s token ? It just doesn’t make sense at all. Let’s instead push to get MORE liquidity on Pangolin.

Striving to get standard attributes you would look for in mature assets / markets is sensible, however doing it too early for an asset like PNG in my opinion is not going to yield good results.


Currently 100 million $ in unclaimed tokens i’m all for this but as long it does not break the bank being to expensive as i want to see more money going into further development and keeping the dream alive.

Money is the energy source it attracts developers and community so having lots of it in the treasury is a fantastic source.

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Based on the continual deposit and withdrawal suspensions on Binance for AVAX, does anyone have any confidence that paying for listing going to provide the community reliable access to PNG?

Regarding listings:

  • Top tier exchanges usually do not ask for a listing fee. . Only 2nd/3rd tier exchanges do.
  • Some top exchanges (like Binance) will ask some “security deposit” before they list any coin. If some “conditions” are triggered, such as the price drops too low, double spends, security concerns. exchange will take away the security deposit. Check the Binance CEO that talks about it recently. So some legal work to do by avalanche team if that’s asked?
  • Most exchanges will expect some joint marketing activities.

Yes, I understand that logic however organisations (even decentralised ones) need to be able to chew gum and walk otherwise they’ll end up in gridlock. These tasks are mutually exclusive so we should be able to run things in parallel.

I don’t mean to say that liquidity is the be-all and end-all. So yes, I agree that having robust governance in place is important and testing that with actual proposals on-chain is super important. Having a slick front-end with great user experience is also critical. That’s all part of building confidence in the platform, which itself will attract capital injections and liquidity.

There is a lot of competition already in this space so first mover advantage plays a big role. And Pangolin has several technical advantages over other platforms that it should exploit.

Unless I’ve missed a technical complication here, I don’t think it hurts to run parallel streams. Maybe the Binance stream (let’s call it “Project CZ”) could be hived off to a separate team. The task is not a 1 day job. It would require opening up communication with Binance, negotiating the listing terms, formalising the terms etc.

If we need it, perhaps one of the senior people at Ava Labs could help broker discussions to get us in at the right level and advise on best approach.

I’ve worked as a lawyer in the tech industry for many years and already offered my services to help the Pangolin team in some other areas. I’d love to get involved in a hands-on way.


Absolutely a very good idea. not all of it though…2m PNG (USD9m) is a lot for this. The rest should be used for other marketing activities…

iyi aksamlar en son yapilan airdorptaki oduller ne zmn dagitilacak

We should maybe reserve a ‘security deposit’ from the Treasury, incase it is needed for this (As opposed to burning them)…
I wonder if any admins can advise about any discussions with Binance and whether funds would be needed for this or not.

IMO absolutely a bad idea right now. Let’s get more DApps on Pangolin, let’s get more people using and adopting Pangolin, and let’s wait for CZ to list PNG for free! No need to pay Binance, he lists for free any token generating interest and fees around!!
IMHO with Binance we will experience centralization → manipulation!

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i dont like this idea, treasury should be use to develop the pangolin ecosystem further, not to get listed in our competition, uni didnt pay to get listed on multiple exchanges, getting png there will be a leakage of volume of pangolin exchange.
Its an error thinkin also that binance listing will pump the token, i dont support this.

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it would instill the notion of PNG as a speculative asset. If someone has access to binance they can already buy PNG by using AVAX. Just be patient and in time binance will want the traffic.


I agree with you, but feel differentiating ourselves first with new features is more important. PNG needs more utility, but maybe a listing could recoup funds back into the treasury where the work on utility will still be feasible. Focusing on the fundamentals an getting things ironed out and developed by far should be priority #1. We do not want to be another $hitcoin and offer nothing new.

you wrong. Binance dont need PNG. Binance have thousand project to list. Good project is one thing, and it is important. But this is not automatic to growing project and listing to binance. Many good project is forgotten, because they was waiting. We need easy access to buy png - you can buy PNG with AVAX, but for many people it is very complicated. Many people is glad, that they know how use BInance. We need simple buying PNG and I think staking of PNG.

I think, that we dont need go directly to Binance, we can try some smaller and cheaper exchange. It will help grow PNG, and later for few PNG we can buy listing to Binance.

Try exchange like Huobi, Kucoin, But CEX have to send PNG o C chain AVAX. We need direct path from CEX to Pangolin.

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