Use Community Funds to Expand Usecases for PNG

The community treasury should be used to fund the Pangolin Development team to add new capabilities including lending and an NFT marketplace or DEX. 10% of ongoing rewards should be allocated into the community treasury for further development incentive as well.

The reason lending would help - it would lock in PNG tokens and reduce circulating supply (for example: a platform could be developed that incentivizes the lending of PNG, by means of higher rewards). An NFT DEX would drive large volumes of traffic to the exchange and provide additional utility for the PNG token. All new capabilities would be highly integrated and dependent on use of the PNG token to provide additional incentives.


Another capability could be additional bridges between the Pangolin exchange and other major blockchains. This could introduce high volumes of users from the other blockchains who would discover the benefits of Avalanche/Pangolin.

Lastly, we need a well-supported Dev team and marketing team in order to compete with other DEXs that have already allocated funds to their own teams. This is why the community treasury should be focused mainly on building project value.


I’m all in for the idea, a second purpose for PNG could very well elevate it’s value, thus, it’s price, and I do agree too with the higher investment in dev team, marketing, roadmapping. Specially the part of having a roadmap, that is what makes everyone excited, and easily drives trading power behind a token/coin.


Is it possible to list stocks and other assets on Pangolin, similar to Synthetix? Is this something being considered?

I support this. More use cases. Less airdrops. Period.


Absolutely. 2m PNG is a lot. Use it to market the project, list in exchanges, hire influencers, publish articles, make investor roadshows etc


Exactly! A token is only worth it’s utility. Increase utility and increase the value. For this we need devs. We also need marketing to get the word out. The greatest thing about PNG is that we, the community, own it 100%. So we can make the necessary decisions to expand it’s utility. If we make smart decisions (like this one) then we can prove that democracies are the best way to govern cyrptocurrencies. This project is far more important than just earning profits. I hope everyone can see that.

I wasn’t aware that you can buy stocks with Synthetix. However an NFT marketplace on Pangolin would open up the possibility of trading any future derivatives that can be tokenized. Starting with an NFT marketplace would bring immediate traffic to Pangolin while opening up future possibilities as NFTs expand in use case.

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Yes, these proposals will help with the long term future of the project.

Giving money so CZ can dump on us seems short-sighted and very uncreative.

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