Use case of Pangolin

Hi everyone,

I would like to ask everyone’s opinion on how $PNG can have use cases, have reasons to be listed on exchanges and attract attention of investors…

How are we gonna race with $UNI and even get infront…

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  • implement governance utility and voting right added to PNG
  • financial incentive (stake PNG, PNG-LP Pools, i have even come across a project, that gives out tokens to holders, a % of fees directly to the wallet-I find that also quite good for hodlers, since there is not even a risk in staking them anywhere)
  • maybe NFT marketplace only payable with PNG

Very good options, thanks a lot for your ideas mate. :+1:

First two is a “must apply” I believe.

The third one is a very attractive choice currently, where NFT market is very popular nowadays. It would really add significant importance to $PNG and would change the game… from a a follower to a leader position…

I think there’s a strong opportunity for NFT tokens backed by real businesses.
In other words: coupons, loyalty points, “buy 10 get one free” cards, etc.
Pangolin can build things with Avalanche that are currently unfeasible in Ethereum due to its higher fees.
Anybody else interested in this, or know of other relevant resources / thinking / projects?

I really like the idea of adding a lottery like PancakeSwap.

Instead of burning a %, it could be sent to the community treasury wallet.

This would add a nice experience for the user.

Any thoughts?

is it just me or does reducing swap fees by paying with png sounds like an interesting feature, lets say 0.1% instead of 0.3% swap fee when paid with png … i would also recommend a lottery. i just wonder who could implement our ideas. otherwise we will stay here toothless tigers.


AVALAUNCH can be a great use case for $PNG…

Mining PNG to be eligible joining a presale of new projects on Avalaunch would be great, very beneficial for people providing liquidity.
Also having 1000PNG (or similar) to be eligible for a presale maybe ?
These would bring great value to PNG imo…

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agree with you, we can attract user by launchpad + direct listing ( liquidity) on pangolin dex