USDC.e AVAX.e showing Zero

Trying to understand why my USDC.e AVAX Liquidity pool is showing zero. Can someone help?

Probably because you dont have that LP.
check the transaction to check the USDC be the AB one,
and if the transaction has been successful
Or you may have supplied it in some pool

It’s same for me, was / is showing up everytime I add to the pool, vanishes as soon as I stake the pool tokens in the farm.

I guess you changed something, as now it works with unstaked as well as staked pools. :slight_smile: Thanks

@gramos75 - Can you confirm?

Hey Guys!

We have had some other issues with the AVAX/USDC.e pool.
The issues i have seen is that when you pool youre tokens, you see them on both the graph and under position on the Analytic page. But as soon as you deposit the PGL tokens in to the Pool, the value dissapere on both the graph and under positions.
You still resive Rewards, so it is just the numbers that dissapere.

I have pointed this out to our devs, and they are looking in to it.
I think it is related to subgraph, but hopefully we will have it back to normal soon.

Thank you for the response and clarity.