Upgrade servers

Hello all,

As you may know, the Pangolin website is very slow, especially for analytics. Can we get an upgrade on that end? I don’t think it’s too costly and it would enhance user experience.

What do y’all think? Can we allocate some funds for that?

not sure about this one, there is a post with first urgent proposals:

So for this one once we have a dev Team they can prioritize on what is needed to improve UX, so lest just wait for this one

I feel like this one is just a question of choosing the good server provider like AWS. Seems like it’s hosted on a 2010 PC right now. This would not take much time and effort to implement. I fear that as the number of transactions on the C-Chain grow we eventually won’t be able to load most of the analytics…

@Dominic I totally agree. First impression is a lasting impression. When a user visits Pangolin for the first time, they will make a judgment about the quality of the team. Although on-chain governance regarding non-PNG rewards is critical. If the Pangolin website is too slow or too difficult to navigate, that user is probably NOT coming back. Approximately 40% of visitors will abandon if a website takes longer than 3 seconds to load. I just tested the Pangolin site and it took 3.9 seconds to load.

@ZoRoMX is on point with not being the first thing on the list but I’d say top 10 at least.