Update to "PNG" pool visuals

It’s the little things that drive me crazy… I propose we reorganize the pools’ graphics on the PNG tab to better sift through them. So instead of scrolling endlessly down for the right pool to join, can’t we just add 2 more columns (see image below). I’m also suggesting we reorganize the pools or group them together by most dominant coin. For example, the top several rows would be AVAX pairs, the next several rows would be PNG pairs…etc. Thoughts?


Good idea :+1:. Will let the UX team know


Hey Leo thanks for passing it along,

I got another twisted idea that might be really sweet - maybe worth a poll. I haven’t seen another DEX do this yet and would it save sooo much time and agony (at least on my end). When analyzing rates/pools and swapping tokens I find my self always going back and forth between webpages of the PNG APP - I switch between SWAP, POOL, and PNG constantly…the load times arnt favorable as well. What if, within just the POOL and PNG pages we add the SWAP window off to the side (full functionality of course). In my mind the SWAP app/window is so compact that it being on it’s own page seems odd. See below for a few examples I cooked up. Thoughts? This could also still work with the idea from above.

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