Upcoming CEX updates

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to give an update and an apology on the upcoming CEX listings.

I know I mentioned they were coming, but we’ve had some delays. The delays can be attributed to the following main reasons:

  • Lawyers couldn’t agree on a lot of the agreements
  • Some CEX’s require a Singapore Legal Advice. While we have a US one, we weren’t aware that we needed a Singapore one and this was sprung on us at the last minute
  • We couldn’t agree on a fair listing price. Some exchanges want to charge huge listing fee’s that we thought weren’t equal to the value they provided.

So I must offer my apologies for them being delayed. I’ve learnt that while I want to give the community good news, in future I will be more careful with what I say as there are often events that are outside of my control.

Hope everyone can understand.


  • Is it a delay or a “won’t happen with those CEX”?
  • Will the CEX requiring Singapore Legal Advice be excluded or are you working on the SLA?
  • Who is deciding if the listing fee is too much? The core team?

Those are very important points and I think you are not giving too much info to the community. Also I never know where is the best place to have official info from the core team. Is it here? Is discord? Is twitter? Have you ever though about a blog?

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We actually do have a blog on Medium.

Those CEX’s will still happen, it’s just a delay.

The Singapore one will be included, just a delay.

In terms of how much, we look at market average across the lists from CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap.

So let’s say for example Gate, who is in the top 10, decides to charge $100 (Not real figures obviously), but then an CEX who is only number 100, decides to charge $300. That’s clearly not market related.

You’d be surprised at some of the figures these smaller CEX’s quote. So since we’re speaking to so many CEX’s we determine whether its appropriate for how big they are. We try to determine a baseline, or a fair market rate, and if it’s in that ballpark then we’re happy proceeding.