TVL is being lost to another exchange

How can we stop Pangolin TVL being hoovered into the black hole that is J0E?

We have already been flipped by them by market cap and TVL, its rediculous

PNG has the backing of Avalabs so why are people migrating to J0E?

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Pangolin is actually do plan to be more competitive on strategic pools, i think it’s good plan and people will prefer return here if we can same money or more money.

It sounds like sushiSwap War against UNI. and we know how it ended.
as Joe rises in price some whale Dump because of high commission rate is getting closer.

Also Pangolin has more time in the market, more reliable. to stay competitive it has to do more than just being a DEX.

Here are some suggestion. support it if you like.

Its been a few days, lets wait to see how things work out. JOE has pretty high emissions right now which attracts a lot of liquidity, but you cannot keep emissions that high forever or it puts sell pressure on the token

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think otherway around. If the price is HIGH, emission is HIGH.
reason emission is high is due to price is HIGH relative to the TVL. So JOE TVL may even increase more to LOWER emission.

Same with pangolin. If you REDUCE the pangolin emission for png holders, png price may go down such that emission for all pairs LOWERS.
So price is always important if you are running a dex and have emissions. Thats my 2 cents.

Yup very valid points. Lets take a long term view and not over react based on 1 week of events.

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