TVL attraction Strategies : Dynamic png rewards, Migration button

Hi, just an idea for reducing emissions and increase emissions for strategic pairs.

  1. Why not adding/erasing pairs for example to help avalanche native project to grow up.
    (Husky was the perfect example for Joe at the beginning or SPORE with Olive)
    But with an interesting rates!!!
    When Pangolin list a pair it’s always with a small emission rate.
    Why not making a dynamic emission rate to have always with fees: 70-100% apr?
    And not a little 20% apr with 100k liquidity it’s a joke…

  2. We have a lot of pairs with exclusive or with a lot of more tvl than Joe.
    I think we need to increase the rewards for these pairs and reducing pairs with less liquidity than Joe.
    For example, These pairs are exclusively in Pangolin:
    Increase the weight for having an apr 50% png rewards for 1M tvl
    These pairs are higher TVL in pangolin:
    mYAK-AVAX pairs

We need to bridging back the Degen community who left pangolin because: APR are too low. And for that we need to increase APR for these strategic pools.

  1. I’m for a new button too: “Migrate Joe LP in Pangolin” with a 1000 corona token gift for first 1k migration… why not. (like them with the hat token)

  2. There is a lot of projects using exclusively Pangolin LP + having not bad volumes!
    ORCA for example… We need to keep encourage these projects to use Pangolin as their first choice.

  3. Of course AVAX-USDT and others high volume pairs need to have these dynamic rewards.

  4. There is + 7 PNG pairs. It’s too much , and there have not enough liquidity .
    just 3 pairs is enough with higher dynamic apr : 100%-150% apr

Perhaps it will increase for 1 month emission rates: but it will increase TVL.
Our tvl is going under the ground. So APR needs to be aggressive first

That’s it, sorry for my bad english. And let’s talk about pangolin ^^