TUSD Addition to Pangolin

Hi All,

Given TUSD is launching natively on Avalanche, we should look to implement TUSD based pools so that it becomes a viable alternative to USDT based pools.

The summary of my proposal are as follows:

  • Create TUSD based pools in Pangolin
  • Incentivize these pools with PNG mining benefits so that we have liquidity in TUSD which is a good alternative to USDT

There are a few benefits:

  • USDT has a lot of speculation associated with it
  • USDT currently would require utilization of Avalanche - Ethereum bridge, which as we know due to the fees on the Ethereum side can be quite costly (particularly if a user does back & forth)
  • TUSD seems to be a more reputable operator of stable coin infrastructure (prove me wrong if you don’t agree)



I saw in the press release on medium that they intended to do this already. Anyone else have any info regarding this?