Time-weighted PNG pool voting!?

Hello everyone,

could we vote on government proposals according to some sort of time-weighted contributions to PNG pools? That way, we could mitigate simple 1PNG:1vote-votes being dominated by PNG airdrop whales that do not provide liquidity for PNG pools.
If I’m not mistaken, it should be possible to keep track of how many PNG were provided by which addresses for how long prior to a voting deadline on chain. We might even decide to make older PNG pool contributions count more by having the contributions decay exponentially the closer they are to the deadline of a respective vote. What do you guys think?

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Excellent idea. This will mitigate the issue of whales / users in general splitting funds between different addresses to get an unfair advantage in rigging the vote. This will decentralize power and decentralization should be the main focus for long-term viability.

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i think its a nice idea. Just don’t know if the devs are reading this, but might work. If they give opportunity for whales to control the voting then community governance would transform into “community” governance . Which would be terrible in my opinion. Each whale can make 1000 wallets and vote from 1000 holders name. (if i understand correctly). But hope i am totally wrong

Great idea but we need this ASAP!

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Nice idea, I suggested a time-weighted equation here, what do you think?
It rewards loyal hodlrs but doesn’t penalise whales if they are hodlers too.
We could use other methods in addition to this simple one.