Synthetic Swaps

Hey guys,
I’d like to see Pangolin become a powerhouse.Utilizing Avalanche is a good start however, with multiple rivals popping up constantly - I think we need to get a short a long term plan going on.

I’m not trying to shill my bags but I would recommend taking a look at the deus exchange (disclaimer: I do own a small amount of deus and dea).
They are a small team thats very new and they have made a wonderful app that has awesome staking and reward/loyalty features, and they also trade synthetic stocks.
The Achilles heel has been the slow and expensive Eth main net but now they are on xDai which is a considerable improvement.

I say this because Eth apps will generally always get up and running to a large user base the quickest, and with them having cool features and being able to use a network like xDai to improve them - an app like Pangolin can’t rely on Avalanche to be it’s trump card.

There’s already loads of great uniswap like apps out there, so let’s think of ways to make Pangolin the best and give the PNG token utility!

I’d like to see:

  • cheapest fees of all avalanche dex’s
  • make more of an incentive to own PNG (cheaper swaps? better staking? etc.)
  • long term locked staking with better rewards
  • a reputable oracle
  • the ability to trade synthetic stocks
  • ability to create, buy-in / sell-out, vote in pangolin hedge funds for crypto and wall street stocks
  • more rewards for the longer you stake (loyalty program)
  • NFT’s are a bit of a bubble but they would be cool to have
  • a decreasing burn rate on png token with each transaction
  • png token powered kickstarter for projects

I realise this is a community project however I think the team has the resources to bring this to the table in the near future.

Go Pangolin! :slight_smile:


Synthetic stocks please. With the Robinhood $hit show, I think it will be good utility and marketing.

Perhaps a PNG owned premium pool, only available to people who has a certain amount of PNG available in the account, for instance, AVAX/PNG gets 1/3 of the rewards if you don’t have a PNG threshold, and 2/3 if you have the threshold

If we’re going down that path, the community will need to consider how we build up liquidity of the various stocks and organise the exchange and brokerage licences required to offer this type of service.

It’s actually a really tricky puzzle to solve but I would love to see a DEX handle this type of market too. I just think it’s too early to build that before all the other necessary functionality is in place.