Sushi on avalanche?

I found this SushiSwap Launches on Avalanche, Bringing Another Leading DEX to Avalanche’s Growing DeFi Ecosystem | by Avalanche | Avalanche | Mar, 2021 | Medium but I con’t understand if true or not.
Moreover they write about the avalanche AMM (pangolin) without even mentioning it :man_facepalming:.
Is it true that sushi will run on avalance? Because it’s game over for pangolin.

Why would you think it’s game over for Pangolin if Sushi extends to Avalanche ? I was
early user of Uniswap, back when liquidity was 80mil and to this day most of my LP is
in Uni and Balancer. And the main reason besides my personal dislike for sushi is
simplicity of the platform. BTW TrustSwap has partnered with AvaLabs to expand their
launchpads to Avax network.