Supplied AVAX/MIM liquidity, but nothing happened

Hi all,
Here’s the transaction:
Appears to be successful, but I still see AVAX and MIM and no LP tokens in my wallet.
As a side question, why is there no liquidity mining for AVAX-MIM pair?
Thank you for your time.

Here are our Guidelines for PNG rewards:

If a project can demonstrate 2 out of 4 of the following qualities then it should qualify to be selected for PNG rewards:

  1. $50k+ in token liquidity on Pangolin

  2. $25M+ current market cap (across all networks)

  3. Avalanche Native or Building on Avalanche

  4. Partnered with Pangolin

Additionally, there should be a hard requirement that the token has at least 750 token holders (across all networks) to ensure sufficient demand for the token.

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