Suggestion for the future

So all that trading stuff coming to pangolin, like limit orders, trading charts etc.
When you think png implementations,
make trading competitions like cexes, aiming for high volume. When a new coin is added, make competitions rewards for highest volume maker.
This idea can be more elobareted, but its the main idea.
There are cexes where there are competitions based on groups etc., also adding refferral code would be really nice.
Some more ideas, i write these randomly but you can grab good qualities of it and improve further.
-Png staking 10000->1000 etc. Reduce trade fee up to 0 if you stake more than 10k png and you can add somestuff into the intervals
-make 0.05 of the png fee to go to referrals and other stuff.
-long term png staking, i know harrision likes this. So do this: >2 year png staking with high reward.
-cexes are all nice and stuff, but i think you should view cexes as competittors, as an investor i also want cex listing but for the price to go up only. Make your mentality so that you are actually in competitions with cexes. Therefore if png reaches 1B marketcap, make your strategy to compete with cexes, follow their strategies, like giving money or refferal advantages to twitter scums etc. Also make an advertisement how dexes have no close the button options or other stuff, with regulations coming to cexes this is a wave you want to grap.
-make png pro in the future, for high png stakers or with png based subscription: allowing high quality trade options and analytics stuff. So actually have a team to follow analytics, volume user data:
because if you are serious in this trading stuff, you want to track user data, behaviour, volume, coin analysis etc. for yourself FIRST OF ALL to grow more.You can make this service exclusive for other people.
-mobile wallet is a good idea, so hands on it.
-make users add an account/ in addition to walelt. like this forum. How would you communicate with them/e mail them for news or changes in pangolin? Everybody doesnt have to follow twitter and this is just more profesional.

I know one argument to all these changes is they may be complex, like uniswap is so easy to use etc. but look at these cexes, they pretty much have many options. These news and applications will also hype png and crypto world in general even if they have not too much use case/or as expected. More stuff—> more speculation–> more actual interest and trade volume/TVL.

For dex avax chain:
IF you look at Avalanche defi,
There is no reason to implement Yield farming, launchpad, compunding etc. in the pangolin to attract TVL.
If you look at binance for example, they have all of it.
So as an dex in defi ecosystem, there is no reason to implement these applications in the long term. Dont be shy about them. Actually since pangolin is flagship dex of avax, it would be a great options to add launchpad/even service for developers to lunach their token etc.

Of course these are for long term, think 5+ years more, and let the investors invest for the 5+ years more. I know you are busy, but there is always something to add to this defi.

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