Structure the proposals so that we can parse the information better and actually create actions

Currently, everybody is writing their ideas in complete free form with basically no structure.

Although, free form is good for brainstorming, a text based forum is simply not good for this. Right now, as far as I can tell, all that’s happening is people are perusing the topics, putting in commentary and moving on with no clear agreement, disagreement (or even discussion on the topic) and there certainly is no clear action items at the back of the topics. All I really get out of my posts are likes, which are encouraging, but certainly aren’t moving the needle…

For things to really click and for the community to be able to collectively focus attention and eventually vote on ideas, I propose the following requirements for all new proposals for Pangolin going forward:

1) Proposal discussion topic should be moderated / locked. (I’m assuming this is possible)

2) Incoming new proposals need to satisfy certain criteria as outlined below

a) Identify the main goal of the proposal clearly in the title
Ex: “Change economical model for PNG”
Ex: “Utilize Community Funds”
Ex: “Incentivize LPs on competitors to join Pangolin”
This can not be a question, it needs to be a statement to achieve something.

b) Identify who benefits from this proposal clearly.
Ex: LPs
Ex: Traders (Swappers)
Ex: HODLers of PNG
Ex: Future users such as current Uniswap LPs
Ex: Developers

c) Identify the current issue the proposal is aiming to solve. This is effectively the problem statement.
Ex: “PNG Inflation rate is too high”
Ex: “PNG utility currently can not sustain price action”
Ex: “There is no insurance for LPs”
Ex: “AEB to Pangolin experience is too clunky”

d) Lay-out the requirements and steps to address the problem.
Overall Goal: "Reduce the PNG to minting rate in an inversely proportional way to the daily “imbalance”.
Step 1: If there is more selling of PNG per day (i.e. the initiator of the swaps are selling PNG) reduce the minting rate for the next day using the formula Rate(new) = 1 - ( / volume) * Rate(Current)
Step 2: If there is more buying of PNG per day (i.e. the initiator of the swaps are buying PNG) increase the minting rate for the next day using the formula Rate(new) = 1 + (/volume) * Rate(Current)

e) Describe the advantages of doing this (paragraph or two)

Ex: This proposal is awesome because it will simplify the community’s needs for quickly and easily parsing the information that is part of a proposal, clearly understand who the proposal would benefit, see the steps to achieve the goal and easily vote on the proposal for evaluation by the dev team.

f) Describe the dis-advantages of doing this (paragraph or two, and this is mandatory)

Ex: This proposal will reduce the free-form creation of proposal threads, potentially discouraging some folks who have partial ideas to improve Pangolin. Additionally some of the discussion may shift more towards other channels such as discord or telegram. One way to address this disadvantage could be to separate “Official” proposal pipeline from “Discussion” of proposals (less formal) pipeline.

g) Create 3 options for the vote:

YES - I support this
NO - I don’t support this
MAYBE - This needs more discussion

h) If the majority (what majority means needs to be defined) supports the proposal, we’ll need the development team to look and scope the work, and incorporate into the governance pipeline.

i) If the majority doesn’t support the proposal, the proposal is rejected, and the owner gets 1 more shot to improve the proposal and re-submit.

j) If the majority chooses “MAYBE”, the proposal is rejected, and the owner gets 2 more tries to improve the proposal and re-submit.

Let me know your thoughts (Give it a like if this makes sense to you!).
Attention: @dasconnor


I really like this and have started putting my proposals in a format that I got off the Yearn governance. See PIP01 - Establishing foundations for future growth for reference.

The one issue I have is that I don’t think alot of these issues will be as simple as yes, no or maybe.

Sometimes they’ll have more nuance’s so we’ll need a bit of a discussion before choosing the approach to be taken.

Else I couldn’t agree more that we need more structure.

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Great suggestions.

Can I suggest we also use a protocol for titles commonly used across many other forums to distinguish the threads (ie “For Sale” “WTB” etc). Perhaps using the words “Proposal” in the title and agreeing other key words so mods and readers can quickly parse the titles and organise threads.

I’ve already opened a separate proposal to document the proposal process and governance for both on-chain and off-chain proposals and can incorporate these suggestions into that task once agreed.

This is becoming even more relevant now that Snapshot is live. At the moment it’s purely a brain dump.