Status of project?

Hi. I have recently made some minor staking and so forth here on the exchange.

And when I look around, I stumbled across this forum. What strikes me is the lack of interactions and sharing of information - what I can see - and I wonder how healthy this project is? Whats the plan? Whats the timeline? Whats currently being worked on?

I know its bear market, but this is perfect time to develop and prepare for the upcoming bull.


It’s mainly because most of our community use other communication platforms. Most of the community is active on Discord and Telegram.

Although you can see we’ve been very active if you look through our socials. See our Medium for just some of the stuff we’ve been busy with

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Ahhh, ok thanks.
Perhaps its better to point rhis forum (and other, if any) to one single point of support/knowledge sharing?

Yeah it’s a tough one. In the early days we tried to be really active here, but then people stopped posting here. So we also don’t want to expend too much time going where the users aren’t