Staked AVAX Summary

What’s people thoughts on having an extra bar close to the “PNG” at the header, with your total staked AVAX and when you click it a breakdown of where those AVAX are staked and the total position in USD?

I was thinking this was something useful to myself, just not sure if everyone agrees with it


Yes, I’d like to see how much Avax/Png stake I have in the pool like at Uniswap. Since I keep compounding I have no idea. Thanks

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Isn’t it exactly what is shown on this page if you paste your C-chain address? :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is already part of the analytics page that Pangolin provides (which recently was added to the exchange page as a link also).

Simply punch in your own C-Chain address and it will show you your entire position with the relevant breakdowns.

Grand, I didn’t know!

Reviving this topic once again, I’m planning to submit a pull request for Pangolin Exchange Interface regarding an extra bar on top-right corner of the page, saying how much you’ve staked converted in Avax.

I’m still thinking on what should happen if you click on it, and that is why I’ve come here, to gather some feedback, my initial plan is for when you click on it, it redirect to the Pangolin Analytics pointing already to your wallet address, what you guys think about it?


Yep the redirection sounds logical to me!