Stable Coin Farming Pool

I have just tried Curve finance to farm stable coins and it cost me around 420usd. I did it due to stable coin farming pools are available there. In order to attract more users with money, you need to find a way to add stable coins farming pools in Pangolin.


this is great idea… there will be investor who like to farm stable coins

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I believe there will be USDT/TUSD farming soon. We currently can pool USDT/DAI, but there are no rewards for those pools… I agree we would benefit from stablecoin pools as an hedge against Impermanent Loss.

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I think it’s a good idea to have a USDT/DAI pool. But I think they shouldn’t get PNG rewards, just the regular 0.3% trading fee reward.

Anyone can create a pool and add liquidity and receive the 0.3% trading fee reward.
So to attract more people, it only makes sense to reward more than just the 0.3%, e.g. in PNG.

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Snowball has stablecoin farming

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I think stablecoin farming is important product.
Is good to attract more liquidity and less riskly customer’s.
And for Pangolin big stablecoin pool is good way to make money :moneybag:

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True, but…

  1. Not everyone wants to interact with Snowball
  2. To attract more people to Pangolin, it would be a great addition.

Technically, nothing is holding Pangolin back from developing something like this or any of the features that Snowball offers.
It’s a matter of priority.

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Stablecoin farm is inevitable. We have opportunity costs because we have not yet entered Stabecoin pairs.

  1. we lose a high measure of volume
  2. we miss the fee charges we could have used afterwards
  3. many trading strategies are based on a distribution system, currently we “only” have a decision tree that is clearly defined: Risk Investment with LP. This is not sufficient for today, with a simple stablecoin pair we could take a next step.

As evidence, it is obvious that all dominant DEX -( Top Like Uniswap, Cake etc) have introduced Stabecoins, and clearly there is a positive effect.

Very important:

this stablecoin pair must have a very low rate of reward. Otherwise it would negatively affect the balance of the pools. (!)