[Solved] Liquidity gone after migrating

Hi, I just migrated two old AVAX-DAI and AVAX-LNK liquidity tokens to the new one (following the wizard on UI), but not the liquidity is gone. I did not deposition the toking to earn PNG, just did the first 2 steps. The migration transaction was successful.

That should I do know? Where I can find the new liquidity tokens?


I did when back on the browser history, and completed the migration, and now all is OK. thanks.

I think I am having the same issue, cant see may avax png liquidity.
can you pls tell me where can I see how to migrate?

If you don’t have the LP tokens added to metamask (which I wish there was a list for most LP token addresses somewhere) then you can go to the “Pool” tab and click “Import It”. You’ll be able to select the tokens you got LP token for and it should show up:

Thanks a lot for the answer!
after two days of checking, suddenly decided to appear : )