Snapshot Voting Guidelines for Rewarded Pairs

Snapshot Voting Guidelines for Rewarded Pairs

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We are moving to a new process for proposing and voting on changes to PNG rewarded pairs. Here are the guidelines.

Proposal Requirements

  1. PNG required to propose: 50,000
  2. Votes required to reach quorum: 150,000
  3. Start date: Current day and time
  4. End date: Minimum 3 days to maximum 7 days after submission
  5. Snapshot block number: Leave as default
  6. Voting System: Single choice voting, choices = “For” & “Against”
  7. Passing proposal: must have a minimum of 150,000 “For” votes. Also must have more “For” votes than “Against” votes

Other requirements

  • One token per proposal
  • Duplicate proposals with the same token are not allowed while an active vote is in progress. Duplicates will be flagged and removed.
  • Weight guidelines: AVAX pairs at 100 weight (1x multiplier), PNG pairs at 500 weight (5x multiplier)
  • PNG & AVAX pairs only
  • The multisig will execute passing proposals within 7 days after passing

Adjusting and removing existing pools

  • One token per proposal
  • Please provide a detailed reason to update or remove a pool
  • Please remain within the weight boundaries of between 100-1000 weight (1x to 10x multiplier)

Example proposal template:
"Add Pangolin Rewards for Avalaunch token (XAVA) pairs

Summary: Add 1x rewards for the XAVA/AVAX pool, and 5x rewards for the XAVA/PNG pool

Reason: We should reward XAVA pairs because the XAVA token is an Avalanche native token that is in the top 10 in liquidity and volume on Pangolin. The Avalaunch product is also building natively on Avalanche and is providing a key launchpad infrastructure for the ecosystem."

Proposals that do not follow these guidelines will be flagged and removed in order to ensure consistency and fairness.

Please post any feedback or questions below.


Removing the “Estimated TVL” and “Estimated Dilution” from the example since that might cause confusion

Updated End date requirement to be more flexible. “Minimum 3 days to maximum 7 days after submission”

Adjusting quorum votes from 1,000,000 to 150,000 to more accurately reflect the current voter engagement rates

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