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I just had an unbelievable conversation with an old friend regarding addiction. I’m well versed on the subject and I was anticipating some form of recycled garbage TBH. However, I was blown away. This person has no psych background. What they did have was a clear evidence-based dynamic vision. Essentially, they had a soild plan, originality, and direction. I’m pretty cynical. However, those factors demonstrate a strong position. I do not doubt this individual will succeed based on their coherent vision. Knowing what you’re doing helps you’d be suprised.

I noticed this strength listening to a Pangolin dev, I watched an interview. I am pretty good at determining a person’s weakness, anon or not, the voice gives it all away. Conversely, when someone speaks with conviction, supported by thorough knowledge, that’s a dangerous man. The probability that the individual will achieve what they’re aiming for is very high. This PNG dev nailed it, I’m sold and I have confidence in the team. Well done! Held yourself well!!

However, if you’re in this business (running a DOA) and you’re uncertain, the sharks will smell blood. That’s not good. Further, there is a team of developers here who are all completely confident in their abilities and will never be bait. These variables need to be considered, to help make an informed decision. I look closely at this.

Also, the PNG dev addressed the fundamental fear all defi users experience, losing money due to theft. This is the only DOA I would feel comfortable with holding my larger assets.
I intended to do this in the future. I am not confident with any other DOA thats the truth. A few bucks no problem, my future that’s different. And I’m starting to preference PNG over CEXs. That says a lot, I think.

My services are available too. If any uses experiences hardship to the point it is adversely affecting their lives. Ask a dev to contact me and ill attempt to help. Obviously not financially, however, my service is free. And ill make my position explicitly clear. I believe a healthy community, including the devs, will result in me making more money long-term, and I care about ppl too ahhahhaha.

Lastly, guys what is Pangolin’s reputation. The genesis dex and I never had an issue, I’ve had plenty elsewhere. The devs should write a novel because they answer absolutely everything, I feel like a lazy piece of shit! Hard work baby, imagine having to put this post in telegram lol. I wouldn’t bother, this is another plus. The vibe is good too, I see users putting thought into their questions, usually tokenomincs! But still thought is demonstrated.

Why don’t we users write something, nice about the team? Just once 3-5 words even haha.
I’ll start: I can talk to the manager of PNG defi and ill feel heard and valued!!



Nice message. They sure are a great team! Very knowledgeable and always willing to answer any questions or concerns.
Pangolin is the future of DEX!

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Awesome Team honestly.

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