Roles, responsibilities and authorities on Pangolin

The decentralized exchange Pangolin continues to develop. It has to evolve, this is an imperative for sustainable success. So that the positive development of pangolin can take place efficiently, it is necessary to bundle the energy. This can be achieved by creating roles and responsibilities at Pangolin. Not everyone who has the courage to apply for a job as the first is also suitable for this. In the interest of the community, it is important that rules are drawn up for this as well. With this topic I would like to open a chapter that is intended to provide an overview of which roles and responsibilities are urgently needed and which are also legitimized by the community. At the same time, the same basic understanding is created for the position. Only if I know why the role and the position was created and what its goal is, only then can I as a member also evaluate whether the person has effectively fulfilled their task.

Which roles and responsibilities should be created at the decentralized exchange (DEX) Pangolin? What permission should they have?

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