Remove liquidity from PNG-WAVAX pool

Hi Everyone,

I removed my liquidity from PNG-WAVAX pool. This transaction was successful. I can see my PNG token back in my Wallet. But AVAX tokens are still not showing up in my wallet.
Please let me know if I missed anything. Below is the successful transaction:

There is 399 WAVAX in that wallet. Click on “tokens”.

Hi there,

I have the same problem. I did not receive 24,36 avax when I removed my PNG-WAVAX LP. Cannot see them in my Metamask. ı received PNG though. Can anyone help?

I was able to add 24,36 wavax to my metamask but how can I swap them to Avax? When I removed lp from Avax/Link pool I did not have that problem.

Go to the swap area, select wavax and you can see your balance.

You can also unwrap wavax to avax by swapping to avax.

do not use the automatic token list on metamask … go to the pangolin token section and copy the token address below and add a special token on metamask