Regarding amounts provided as liquidity

Hey pangoliners! Let’s say there is a liquidity pool for tokens A and B, with a total liquidity of 10 As and 10Bs, and let’s say the exchange rate is 1:1 and let’s say my liquidity contribution is 10% so 1 A and 1 B. What happens if say, a whale, comes in and swaps 10 Bs for As so that the pool now has 0 As and 20 Bs? If I were to remove my liquidity would I no longer get my 1 A and 1 B plus fees? Would I end up getting 2 Bs plus fees? Or how would that work?


if this is the case price impact will be so huge that Whale cannot able to get all your pool tokens on fair price. Kindly learn about how AMM works in details, if your pool is not able to provide enough Bs market maker will search for other pools but if no liquidity whale needs to pay a lot of premium to get Bs for As, etc. etc…

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