Reallocate 50 % of treasury funds to PNG LPs

Dear Pangos,

Everyone holding, LPing and believing in Pangolin is having a hard time these last few days. I know that a rebalancing of the rewards in order to support PNG pools is already ongoing and totally mandatory.

Additionally, I’d like to suggest that we not only incentivise future PNG LPs but also compensate past PNG LPs for their huge impermanent loss by dropping 50 % of the current treasury funds to PNG LPs backdated from now. I am all for using the treasury for marketing purposes, development and so on but since we have a huge treasury, I really do think it wouldn’t be too much to compensate all these PNG LPs for their respective losses believing and LPing for the sake of Pangolin. I hope this proposal finds some supporters. Ofc we have to define all the details but I just wanted to share the broad concept and idea of compensating former PNG LPs for their strong belief in Pangolin.

Best regards,