Proposal: Update Pangolin Logo

As you all know, Pangolin has continued to develop and innovate since the core team was voted in. Unfortunately, they took over a brand image that was already damaged from Pangolins original start (Uniswap airdrop, etc ). I have seen many criticize the team for things that they weren’t even involved in yet.

I know the core team is likely looking at rebranding as we speak but I think a new logo is exactly what is needed for a fresh start. Many successful projects on Avalanche take a theme and run with it and do it brilliantly. Trader Joe, Penguin Finance, Lydia Finance, Sherpa Cash to name a few.

I think we could do the same but with a sleeker look. Instead of the Pangolin being playful and small. We make the Pangolin theme mythological and dragon like.

With that said, I think the following logo would be very appropriate to that idea. It’s also beautifully done and shows a Pangolin evolved. It is still close enough to the original logo to be recognizable, but distances Pangolin from past criticisms. It also has an air of being more professional and established.

Before I post the photo, full disclaimer: I know the artist personally. That doesn’t change my thoughts on the above or the fact that this would make an incredible logo for Pangolin.

In order to use his artwork we would need his permission. My proposal is to give him some kind of lump sum payout in Pangolin to make that happen. Since I know him, it would be unfair for me to even suggest a price so hoping the community can discuss it and determine what would be appropriate. That is if the community thinks it is a good idea to change the logo.

Original entry to Pangolin Logo Contest here:

Twitter Profile of Original Artist:

I welcome the idea, but in my opinion the Logo needs to be different one then this image :wink:

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Fair enough. Keep in mind the original artist could work to make this more attractive and refined. Or something different.

What did you have in mind?

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the artist has def talent, so an “updated” version could be a very good idea. Also if we think about doing this, there should be more then one artist where we as a community pick the best one. But i can also see this happening internally in a more professional way with external companies doing it. After all, this is not a top priority right now.


Great points. I agree other artists should have a shot at it for sure. I think we should be aiming for an elevated Pangolin though. An evolved Pangolin as I said in the proposal. It would really open up the platforms branding to a new level if we could treat the Pangolin like a mythological dragon or something along those lines.

I like the idea of updating the logo.
This logo in particular i dont like it.
I think Pangolin must evolve into kind of Dragon(keeping the pangolin shape) like pokemons.
that fits into the narative of staying the same sprit but Better

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I like the improvements on the logo. It would be good if a minimalistic version also presented to the community. Something like “Pangolin-evolution-to-Dragon” depiction looks cool. As if it looks like a pangolin but in reality it is a dragon. Dont forget to make dragons eyes glowing :raised_hands: :star_struck:

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Yes my thoughts exactly. Fair enough about the logo. I’d like to see the art more serious and commanding as opposed to cartoonish. But the pokemon evolution idea is exactly what I had in mind.