Proposal for PNG/ZERO and AVAX/ZERO to Receive PNG Rewards

Hello guys I saw recently a proposal to receive PNG rewards for Verso a new Project in Avalanche ecosystem.

After that, I am wondering why not adding Zero to PNG rewards. Zero has been in AVAX since day one, I think actually Zero was the first DEX in AVAX ecosystem and their team has been doing a fantastic job providing bridges to other blockchains (already working Etherum, BSC and soon Polygoon and Polkadot).

I am a believer that as one ecosystem we should support the most serious/stable/hard working project out there.

So let me know what you think. Would be Fantastic if Zero Team and Pangolin Team could work together in some features that can help both projects.

I think that’s a bad idea. Png has fantastic pairs verso and zero are just hanging on and I also had a bad experience with zero. I won’t say anymore. Of course just my opinion.