Proposal for PNG/VSO and AVAX/VSO to Receive PNG Rewards (Verso)

This proposal would add PNG/VSO and AVAX/VSO to the set of pools receiving PNG rewards.

AVAX/VSO with a weight of 100.
PNG/VSO with a wight of 300.

We have already created a off-chain proposal.

Verso (VSO) is a first IDO project incubated in partnership between Avalanche and Trustswap and ran on Pangolin Exchange.

We will, same as Snowball project require a vote delegation of total 1M PNG to this address:

In order to delegate your voting please visit:

and delegate to the above mentioned address in order to for us to execute a formal on-chain proposal.

We are trading on both gate and pangolin (with pangolin being the main exchange). In addition to that, we have a community of over 5000 people and full support of TrustSwap and Avalanche teams.

More info here:

Let’s bring DeFi to the masses together!


I always support new initiatives on Avalanche ecosystem and I believe that Verso can open a door to DeFi ecosystem for classical financial institutes. It has huge potantiel and matching aim with Avlanche. Internet of Finance.

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One thing I’d like to suggest is that for these Snapshot votes, we should write a new strategy that includes PGL. This has caused a lot of confusion in the community and would be awesome if we could address it.


Great to see new projects getting involved in the space. Can you provide some details about the alignments you see with Pangolin and the rest of Avalanche DeFi?