Proposal for BNB/AVAX and BNB/PNG to Receive PNG Rewards

I would like to propose that we give short term (3 months duration) PNG rewards to BNB token pairs (BNB/AVAX and BNB/PNG)

The BNB token is now available to be bridged from BSC (Binance Smart Chain) to Avalanche through the AnySwap Bridge (AnySwap - Cross Chain DEX). We should incentivize BNB liquidity to come across the bridge by rewarding BNB pairs.

Benefits to Pangolin

  1. Expanded Token Selection - Pangolin should be expanding its tokens available for trading, particularly the most popular tokens
  2. Trading Volume & TVL - BNB pairs will generate meaningful volume and fees through trading and arbitrage
  3. Attracting New Users - Having BNB available on Avalanche and in Pangolin will attract users and investors from the BSC Network

About the BNB token
The BNB token is the #4 largest token by market cap (source: CoinGecko). It is the native gas token on the BSC network, and is also used to pay trading fees on

The BNB token is an excellent candidate for PNG rewards as it will drive users, volume, and liquidity into the app and onto the network.

Please post any feedback or questions below.



BSC bridge is awesome, I think Pangolin should be medium for all chains. I also aggree on all benefits.

I want to ask if you are proposing all of PNG rewards to BNB pools?

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Hey I am proposing that the BNB pairs get the same rewards as other pairs we add for new tokens. 1x multiplier for the AVAX pair. 5x multiplier for the PNG pair

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Fully support this. Great idea. Would be brilliant start in pulling some interest from other BSC exchanges.

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