Proposal for a PNG rewards allocation for SPORE pairs

The Spore team plans to entertain a sentiment vote for a proposal to allocate PNG rewards to PNG/SPORE and AVAX/SPORE pairs on Pangolin. We are requesting support for this proposal from the Pangolin and Avalanche communities and would be happy to answer questions. There is also an informal vote in the #proposal-poll channel of the Pangolin Discord.

Spore (formerly Spore Finance), perhaps known originally for its deflationary tokenomics, recently made a name for crossing over to the Binance Smart Chain via its original Avalanche-BSC bridge and becoming an instant hit with BSC users. As of today, the SPORE token is held in over 110 thousand wallets on BSC and Avalanche. The project’s social following clocks in at 25,000 Twitter accounts, another 25,000 users across 17 international Telegram channels, and a growing follower base on Facebook, Instagram, and just about every social media form (with TikTok launched yesterday), which makes it the most popular Avalanche-native asset.

Spore is the major driver of introducing new users to Avalanche by educating our followers about the benefits of the Avalanche blockchain and producing video and written tutorials on migrating to Avalanche from BSC. Our community admins and moderators, comprised entirely of volunteers, are working tirelessly around the clock and in every time zone to field questions from information-hungry BSC users. This Monday, we are launching version 1 of our NFT marketplace product, which will only be available on the Avalanche C-chain and has generated a tremendous amount of buzz among BSC users and on Twitter in the few hours since its announcement.

Due to a high transaction tax (6 percent on both chains, a deflationary measure) and highly asymmetrical price movement versus AVAX and PNG, providing liquidity for SPORE is a costly proposition. SPORE, more than any other token, would benefit from rewarding liquidity providers with PNG rewards. We are, therefore, requesting PNG rewards for the SPORE/PNG and SPORE/AVAX pairs.

It’s important to note that Spore does not collect fees from users and currently has no treasury or dev fund (unless we become fortunate and receive a donation from a benevolent whale). Our developer, operations, and marketing teams are composed entirely of volunteers, each of whom purchased the token with their own funds and is doing his or her best every day to take the project to new heights. We will therefore also be seeking PNG holders to vouch for us by pledging their tokens for the length of the vote. Several of us are also on other Avalanche teams, and we are grateful for the support and encouragement from fellow Avalanche projects that we receive every day. Please vote for this proposal.


Great to see Avalanche Native projects like SPORE going through the formal Pangolin governance process to get PNG rewards.


yes it’s good proposition :slight_smile:


The token that drives the most traffic and new users to Pangolin should get PNG rewards. This is exactly what PNG rewards were designed for.


Sound great… I would like to see this BSC - AVALANCHE bridge allowing other assets too.


Sounds very nice, it will really help for spore’s development

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Semoga ini akan membuat spore lebih baik untuk kedepannya, gooo spore​:mushroom::rocket:

Spore to 1cent or more than A dollar, that’s my prayer for spore

That’s a great @Pangolin should approve this appeal :heart::heart:

I’m happy to see Spore contributing and having a vivid presence on Avalanche!

Something I recently learned is that Spore locked liquidity into the AVAX/SPORE pool and burned the PGL tokens essentially locking that LP forever. Kinda hype if you ask me