Proposal: Create User Terms and Privacy Policy

Although I have posted this material on Github, I think it might be worthwhile presenting here for formal consideration by the community.

I’m proposing to formulate and draft legal terms and conditions and privacy policy for Pangolin to provide clarity for LPs, traders and other users of the platform regarding their rights, obligations and expectations when they use the platform.

This legal framework will also assist in future if the community decides to pursue formal recognition by regulators, arrange insurance policies, set up a legal foundation or trust.

By way of background, I have developed, drafted and negotiated legal agreements in the technology industry for over 20 years and been involved in crypto since 2017. I have significant experience in developing these types of online terms and I have also considered the unusual challenges presented by decentralised organisations.

My proposal consists of the following milestones:

  1. Project Kick-Off: speaking with key community stakeholders to obtain instructions regarding the detailed scope, requirements and timing.
  2. Requirements finalisation: documenting and agreeing the scope of review, documents to be produced, format etc.
  3. Document Production: Subject to instructions and agreed scope, produce the following documents (in English):
    (a) 1 set of Pangolin Terms and Conditions of Use.
    (b) 1 Privacy Policy suitable for global coverage.
    (c.) Assist with drafting of short disclaimers at the point of key trading and liquidity decisions (will need community assistance to identify the main financial risks).
    (d) Licensing, copyright terms.
  4. Revise above drafts incorporating feedback from stakeholders.
  5. Provide final draft documents in format suitable for Pangolin dev team to incorporate into the site at the appropriate locations.

In order to ensure transparency, I propose that drafts be submitted for community consideration with a 72 hour window for comments and then a formal vote be sought again prior the final drafts being uploaded (estimate 3-5 business days to incorporate adjustments).

Separate proposals can be submitted should the terms require to be updated due to regulatory or insurer requirements.

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