Promoting fellow Avalanche projects via rotative high-APY pools

A lot of interesting projects are popping up in Avalanche, like ELK, PEFI, BAMBOO, SPORE, SFI… and while some of them are direct competitors to Pangolin, the rest aren’t getting much love. It makes little sense to reward pools for tokens of Ethereum-only projects when we have so much untapped potential inside our own ecosystem.

This proposal aims to give some much needed advertisement to these hardly known Avalanche gems by:

  1. Incentivizing LP of these projects by adding them to the list of PNG reward pools
  2. Running advertisements for them (promotions, a blog where these new listings are announced, possible banners in the main page, etc)
  3. [Optional] Add these projects to a rotative pool where every week, one of these projects is chosen to have a PNG-pool-like weighted (aka boosted) rewards.

Disclaimer: I am a SPORE liquidity provider. I am enjoying the tx. fees but I would like to see higher volume and more incentives to provide liquidity to it. Right now, SPORE holders just hold in their wallets and the pools are running low on liquidity due to low incentives.

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Some of those copy cats have such poorly written contracts that people are losing funds. For instance, check out the drama with Pandaswap. I don’t think a legit project such as Pangolin should promote poorly designed and unaudited projects.


That is true. specially in early stages it is needed to be careful on whats promoted because if somethigs goes wrong Pangolin reputation will also be affected.

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