Problem Pagolin swap .. Time

Hello, I realized one swap in pangolin from avax to Uniswap and the transaccion is “pending”… i am wating of more than 2 hours… can some help me??


Tx are instant both on Avalanche and Pango blazing fast,
-You need to clear all Tx history, reset metamask, set gwei 470 and you are ready to roll,
if you use telegram videos are available for those metamask issues.

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thank you Bro, do you know how add PNG (Pangolin token) in a metamask?

Add custom token:


PNG : 0x60781C2586D68229fde47564546784ab3fACA982
ETH : 0xf20d962a6c8f70c731bd838a3a388D7d48fA6e15
USDT : 0xde3A24028580884448a5397872046a019649b084
WBTC : 0x408D4cD0ADb7ceBd1F1A1C33A0Ba2098E1295bAB
LINK : 0xB3fe5374F67D7a22886A0eE082b2E2f9d2651651
UNI : 0xf39f9671906d8630812f9d9863bBEf5D523c84Ab
DAI : 0xbA7dEebBFC5fA1100Fb055a87773e1E99Cd3507a
YFI : 0x99519AcB025a0e0d44c3875A4BbF03af65933627
SUSHI : 0x39cf1BD5f15fb22eC3D9Ff86b0727aFc203427cc
AAVE : 0x8cE2Dee54bB9921a2AE0A63dBb2DF8eD88B91dD9

Here you should find the list of tokens supported in the C-Chain:

again its not working, tryed even 480 gwei, its pending again