Prioritizing Charts, Limit & Leverage Orders

Proposed Functionalities Ordered by Priority;

1.Chainlink Data Pair Chart
2.Limit Orders
3.Leverage trading.


-Our new Ui design has few new futures and a whole new approach to the Ux, we don’t have a solid finalization date and our user base are eager for some new futures which can put us back to the top where we belong.

-Improving the old Ui has been an easy task and we only need to develop the functionality of These 3 futures then these futures can be ported to the new Ui with little effort.

-We should take our time with developing the new Ui but satisfy our users with the “proposed functionalities” in the old Ui and work on the new Ui/Ux while everybody is happy using what they are used to enjoy.

Examples of Updated Uniswap Fork UI Code Below;

Edit; 1. Proposed Functionality might also be TradingView, Chartex, Graph; As I understand our engineers have been working with TradingView.