Prioritizing Charts, Limit & Leverage Orders

Proposed Functionalities Ordered by Priority;

1.Chainlink Data Pair Chart
2.Limit Orders
3.Leverage trading.


-Our new Ui design has few new futures and a whole new approach to the Ux, we don’t have a solid finalization date and our user base are eager for some new futures which can put us back to the top where we belong.

-Improving the old Ui has been an easy task and we only need to develop the functionality of These 3 futures then these futures can be ported to the new Ui with little effort.

-We should take our time with developing the new Ui but satisfy our users with the “proposed functionalities” in the old Ui and work on the new Ui/Ux while everybody is happy using what they are used to enjoy.

Examples of Updated Uniswap Fork UI Code Below;

Edit; 1. Proposed Functionality might also be TradingView, Chartex, Graph; As I understand our engineers have been working with TradingView.

I would like to propose a simple order book that shows the open buy and sell orders, like on most CEXs. This should not be too difficult (low-hanging fruit) as you have all the data already. A simple order book should definitely come before supporting any leveraged trading, which is a big project IMO, and should probably be left for much later once regular trading functionality feels clean, crisp, and intuitive, and rivals CEX regular trading functionality.

It’s already here.

I’m talking about a simple visual global open orders book, for example like Binance:

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I see. We will look into it.

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