Possibility to stake PNG on Pangolin

I have the following proposal:
Create a way on the Dex to stake PNG in order to farm PNG as an alternative to LP. I can see, that the focus has to be on LP but some (me included) would prefer to stake only PNG (due to the risk of IL, etc.).

A number of Dexes use this method also to distribute tokens from new projects. It would be a way to increase TVL and also show support for the project, other than just hodling in my opinion.


I would love to stake PNG too. If people can stake it, they will prefer to do it instead of sell it.


To stake PNG, we would need a reserve equivalent of that PNG in AVAX, correct? Perhaps this is something that the treasury could fund

Anything to save PNG holders from the constant and massive deflation. So yes, staking would be one way to mitigate that.


It should definitely be.

it was a disappointment to me, that on Pangolin isn’t staking. I think for growing ecosystem we need it ASAP. Every single successful DEX has staking their native token. So when staking began? :slight_smile:

How sustainable is it t use the treasury to fund staking?

Very sustainable, we would have to convert the treasure into AVAX, or another coin that can be staked, and this staking reward distributed among the PNG staking pool. We can’t reward in PNG because this would cause PNG inflation, and if we’re fighting for higher ROI, we can’t inflate, besides, the plan of distribution of PNG is already set in stone as of now, and I think we shouldn’t mess with it

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