PNG Staking Pool

Currently, 0.30% of the volume of the exchange is distributed to LP’s as “trading fees”.

My proposal will be that, 0.05% of this 0.30% to holders through staking

The distribution, if the vote is successful would distribute trading fees in the following manner:

0.25% to General LPs (Down from current 0.30%)

0.05% to PNG Stakers (New)


I think these ratios shall be increased… Is there a way for it ?

LP’s are very important, they take the risk for impermanent losses…I think they should have more rewards.

Of course hodlers are important too, but the LP’s deserve more I think, so I believe the hodlers shall not take LP’s rewards. But I am not against them to earn rewards. They can take some other portion if possible.


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IMHO, most liquidity providers aren’t providing for the fee rewards but providing because of the PNG rewards.

I proposed the same just a few hours ago but I don’t think it should be 0.05%. That’s too big of a chunk from LPs and like cryptoberich mentioned, without LPs there is no DEX. Best to start with 0.01% and see how it goes.

i don’t think the fees should be incresead, on the contrary i think they should be lowered. LPs are the backbone of an AMM like Pangolin but traders that use the platform are the reason for its existence.

I think 0.3% are fine now to attract more LPs but should be lowered on the way forward to attract more traders on the platform

png pools are shrinking. png must be supported. I support this view.

The trading fees would remain the same. But liquidity providers will get a little less (0.29% of the 0.30% trading fee). I don’t think it is feasible to lower trading fees and rewards for liquidity providers much below 0.3%. Trading fees not only have to provide rewards but also cover for impermanent loss.

if i understand correctly the biggest chunk of the rewards that LPs gets come from PNG distribution and not the fee applied on trading, the fee is a nice bonus and helps fight IL.

Going forward the fee should defenetly be lowered to appeal more traders on the platform.

Also consider that if the trading volume goes up 10x you could lower the fee to 0.03% and still get payed the same.

Talking about PNG staking, that could be intresting though.
I like the idea of adding use cases to PNG and staking it could be one of those.

There are many competing dex’s around but all of them have trading fees around 0.3%. That should tell you it is difficult to build a successful dex with lower fees. If you can make a dex with fees as low as 0.03% you’ll capture the whole market and become the next CZ.

With the current PNG token prices going down, we need to encourage people not to dumb their png’s … instead we need to have a png staking pool in addition with a locked period preferably ( and with a flex period ) as well… everyday distribution of the png tokens will grow and price will fall down… for costs / rewards i would propose to use the leftover png’s from the airdrop

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I believe my proposal will influence people to hold their PNG.
Pangolin team will market buy using a small % of the fees and distribute to the stakers daily.